Science Laboratory

Students are given training in the science laboratory to demonstrate experiment successfully at the high and higher secondary school levels pertaining to Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology and Mathematics syllabi.

Psychology Laboratory

In the psychology laboratory tools are available for administration and interpretation of paper and pencil tests and performance tests. Student teachers are given opportunities to study various psychological traits of the students.

Language Laboratory

For developing the English language competency of the student teachers, there is a language laboratory with provisions for developing competence in reading, listening and speaking. Focus is laid for developing the English language competency of the student teachers. Equipments and gadgets necessary to serve the above stated purposes are available in the lab.

Computer Laboratory

The computer laboratory has 60 systems with latest software and internet facilities. On hand training regarding the varied uses of computers is provided to the student teachers.

Technology Laboratory

To train the student teachers in the art of producing instructional aids and make use of the same, a well equipped technology laboratory with modern electronic equipments is available. Student teachers are permitted to handle the equipments such as T.V, public address system, computers, DVD players, CDs, LCD projector etc.

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